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Resourceful. Resilient. Adaptive.

Indians are the first choice for tech giants around the world.

Why Companies hire from India

Talent Powerhouse

There’s an acute shortage of talent in all the major countries of the world, as the demand is rapidly increasing.

Companies are left with no choice but to look for skills outside their geographical locations.


India has a surplus of talents and its friendly relations with other countries make it the safest and most obvious choice for companies to choose from.

Quality Talent

Remote culture has opened up opportunities for companies to hire highly skilled and experienced talents from around the world without the need to move from one country to another.

Indian Talents are already running some of the world's biggest tech giants like Google, IBM, Adobe, Twitter, Shanel, Vimeo, Microsoft, HubSpot, FedEx, and more. which makes them the top preference to hire in the talent war.

They are known as resourceful, resilient, and adaptive- which makes them thrive wherever they work. This makes them first choice when it comes to hiring the best talent.

Cost Advantage

The talent war is all about retaining and attracting talents, which are already limited.

This makes the companies offer additional perks and increase salaries. There’s no end, as everyday there’s another company ready to offer something better.

This has made many small small companies and large-scale companies who hire in bulk look for options. India having surplus talents and being a developing country, offers talents in a way too affordable salaries as compared to developed countries. This makes india talent haven for such companies to hire at affordable compensation.

India is full of talented individuals
already shaping the world

Some of the world’s biggest companies are currently being run by Indians,
here are a few examples.

Talent 1.PNG
Talent 2.PNG


What makes Indians
the top choice for technology giants around the world?


Indians are more engaged and committed to their work than their foreign counterparts.


Add value

Indians give their 100% and believe in adding value to everything they do.



Indians are driven by their determination to succeed and do well in life.



Indians are a driven and passionate lot. They get emotionally attached to the company, its people, and its place and are likely to stick around with a company longer than others.



From getting good grades in school to passing competitive examinations, Indians are taught the value of hard work and perseverance right from childhood.



Indians are helpful and help everyone around because it is something that is deeply ingrained in their beliefs and morals.

Talent 3.PNG
Talent 4.PNG

How ANSI Solution is making it ridiculously
easy to hire Indian Talents?

ANSI Source

We attract talents in India through the top 3 benefits that are super attractive.

  1. 100% Remote Role

  2. Global Company Exposure & Culture

  3. High Earning Opportunities

ANSI Match

We match the job requirement with the candidates through our skill matchmaking process, ensuring that only the best one matches. (We have 70% First Interview Select Ratio)

ANSI Source

We screen every candidate with our rigorous Vetting process for language proficiency, technical capabilities, and behavioral skills.

ANSI Manage

We take care of all the employment contracts, payrolls, IT support, HR support, etc.

Top Skills You Can Hire

Talent 5.PNG


  • Are there any challenges in communicating with Indian Talents?
    All talents go through the communication assessment to test reading ability, fluency of speech, writing, pronunciation, and speed of speech and only the successful ones reaches our network.
  • Won't there be a time zone difference?
    Indian talents are extremely flexible and adaptable to work in different time zones. We have talents for all time zones, including US, UK & AU.
  • We don't have any legal entity in India, can we still hire?
    Absolutely, we cover that part. A company won't be required to have any legal entity in India. There will be an agreement between ANSI Solution and the company, and another contract between ANSI Solution and Talent, as per Indian labour laws.
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