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ANSI is an IT consulting resource management firm that has been formed with the aim to fulfill customer demands to reduce resource costs without compromising the quality, making the offshore, onshore model work.

ANSI with a subsidiary legal entity in the offshore location, our clients never have to worry about the local regulations, taxation, and compliance. A combination of amazing talent, lower costs, and real-time collaboration makes us an attractive offshore partner to our clients.

At ANSI we put relationships first, we believe in giving more attention to our clients. And we ’ re willing to deliver beyond what is in our contracts. By fostering meaningful connections, we gain the knowledge and trust we need to help you build things that will last.

What is ANSI Solutions?

ANSI talent solutions helps companies to hire the best remote talents faster, more efficiently and at competitive salaries from India.

Interview ready Pre-vetted Talent Pool

Choose from a large pool of experienced and qualified talents curated after extensive vetting process.

Quick Hiring

Start interviewing within 48 hours of sharing your requirements and onboard the right talent in just 2 weeks.

Right Matchmaking

We make sure that you get the best-fit talent in the first go. Our first interview to selection ratio is 93%.

Cost-effective Pricing

With ANSI, you save upto 50% on salaries compared to the local talent without compromising the quality.

Timezone Compatibility

Our talent work in your time zone or at least with 4 hours of overlap to ensure that the deliverables are always on time.

Remote Onboarding & Support

ANSI takes care of onboarding formalities like payroll, IT and admin support, etc. We make sure that the talent is ready to start working from day one.

Simple Contracts

Simple, monthly payout without worrying about any compliance or legal aspects.

Replacement & Retention

It is our responsibility to take care of the replacements if the talent doesn't fit in. Also, we take care of the engagement and rentention.

Excellent Communication

Understanding, responding, reading, writing or verbal

Technically Super Sound

Most qualified practically, theoretically



Committed, Positive, Confident, Ambition

Critical Thinkers

Logic, reasoning, creativity

Self Disciplined

Self-starter, can work with limited resources or supervision


Can quickly bend and break habits and adapt to changes

Great Logical Thinking

Decision making, solving problems, generating creative ideas and setting goals

Individual Contributor

Competent in managing their time and ability to delve quickly into problems, analyze and build solutions rapidly

Culturally fit

Adapts to company’s core values, principles, vision, identity

The Vetting Process

Vetting is one of the most important stages in the whole hiring process. Like they say, hiring a person is almost always a gamble, as they can either prove a tremendous asset for an organization or bring both the company and their fellow team members down if they are not a good match.

Our vetting process aims to reduce any such ambiguity and enable companies to hire the right talent every time.

We receive over 5,000 applications every month, of which only 3.5% of the talents make it to the talent pool.

We use World-leading AI-powered communication tests via Versant.

And we follow extensive technical assessment & evaluation, which includes both theoretical knowledge & live tests.

Here's our standard process that every talent goes through; only those who qualify come to you for an interview.

Talent 11.PNG
Talent 12_PNG.png
Skill Set

Web Developers

Digital Marketers

  • Paid Search Analysts

  • Paid Social Analysts

  • Performance Marketing Specialists

  • SEO Specialists

  • Programmatic Specialists

Software Developers

  • Java Developers

  • Python Developers

  • .Net Developers

  • Graphic Designers

  • UX/UI Designers

  • Product Designers

App Developers
  • iOS Developers

  • Android Developers

  • React Native Developers

Email Marketers
  • Email Developers

  • Campaign Manager

  • Email Marketing Specialists

  • Salesforce Campaign Manager

  • Adobe Campaign Manager

  • Marketo Automation Manager

The above includes the most common and frequently requested hiring needs. However, we accept all the profiles within the tech industry Including, but not limited to DevOps, Data Scientist, Golang Engineers & more.

Talent Category

Talents are not one-size-fits-all; this is the reason why we have bifurcated them into 3 categories. They are bifurcated by the level of experience, skills, professional certifications, demand for the role and the complexity of the responsibilities. Years of experience are just an indication and not the only deciding factor for the categorization of talents.

Junior level

Represents the talents with average experience, with a majority of the necessary skills. Talents in this category are technically sound, quick, and task-driven. They aren't fresher or trainee level talents but simply have less exposure as compared to mid & senior level.


Represents the talents with a good level of experience, along with most or all of the necessary skills; they may have specialized certifications. The talents are deeply technical, suggestive, problem solver, process-driven. Talents in this category suffice the requirements for a majority of the hiring requests.

Senior level

Represents the talents who have exceptionally strong skills, expertise, and experience – often over and above what is necessary; has specialised certifications. They can be termed as Highly competent, technical specialist, innovative, solution finder, outcome-oriented.

The pricing for specialized roles would vary, depending upon the requirements, roles & responsibilities and demand for the same.


If you prefer that the talent should work in your local timezone, there's an additional cost associated to the above rates. Reason being - high demand and odd-working hours for these Indian Talents. Below mentioned are the additional rates w.r.t. the geographical regions.

Talent 14_PNG.png

Get in touch

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a discovery call, please email us your details and we will get in touch with you within 48 business hours.

If you would like to interview some of our talents, please share the Job Description or Roles & Responsibilities of the talent that you are looking to hire.

We will match the right talent, share the profiles with you and schedule an interview based on the time preference within days.

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